Tomorrow's paper

8:36 pm

Hi.welcome october.I can't wait the school holiday!Today,I have mathematics's paper!I not answered the paper very well.I screw up many part (T_T)(T_T)

Ok!Forget about the maths paper.It have done with it ,so no need to think about it anymore!Just wait the result out!Tomorrow,I have Pendidikan Moral's paper.For this paper,I need to memorize a lot.I need to memorize 36 'nilai' and the definition and at the same time,I need to memorize the question style.So,I will spend my time from 9.00pm until 10.00am tomorrow with all the nilais!I hope I can answer this paper.I don't want to do same thing like last exam which is I failed (;>_<;)(;>_<;)(;>_<;).Wish me luck guys

Till then,bye!

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