Reading blog

11:55 am

Hi.Maybe some of you/my friends asking why I like to read blog??Well,I love blog but still I love book.I always enjopy with reading.But,when it comes to people life story,I prefer choose blog the book.Why???

When you read about someone's life story in book,there was edited.Well,as we know,in book the editor need to check it first before It can be publised to find whether the article have something wrong etc...

blog,the story was wrote by the writer. No one edited it.The word also from their heart.They wrote what they thought.Hwen you read it,you can feel the emotion.That's why I like to read blog.But I still bought some book actually.Certain book like Chicken soup gave some inspiration to me.

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  1. I also prefer reading blog than book. Its fun to know about other people life. ^^