How it really is

2:36 pm

Hi..Kota Kinabalu is raining since thursday!The raining was non-stop and there are many place in flooding now.So for who those at KK now,Take care!!Today,at morning,it have been raining heavily but I still went to school because I had exam.In the afternoon,when I'm going back home,the roads are flooding and the most annoying is I had to 'lalu' their if I want to back home!!!Thank you to God bcos he gave a group of boys to helping us..

I saw this on my facebook!Its 100% true.When I entered Science major class,I start to feel all the stress.People at outside don't know how we feel.The only thing they know is we choose only 2 of that.The reality is not like what they had thought!

Science major student is the most stressed student!They need to divided they time between study,social,friends &etc.Sometimes,we feel stress to think about our time.We need to get the highest mark,we need to social,we need to spend time with family and yada yada yada!The subject we took also hard.To score,we need to study hard! It means we need to spend most of our time with study!

As my life,I start my day on 5.00 am.If I am schooling,I will be home by 2.00pm.After that,I take lunch then rest for 30 minutes. The rest of my time until 12.00 am is study.I not really spend my time with family.Almost every hour I spend it with study just to make sure I'm score my exam.Its annoying when people say why you don't have time!!They don't know how busy are us to make sure all the stuff we have done!!So please people,be understanding to others especially the student.Student also busy not only you!!

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