Jealous with others success,Positive or Negative

7:32 pm

Hi.I'm in exam right now.Tomorrow is Malay paper ,the bored paper!I suck on malay writing.lolz.I speak malay 24/7 but I still poor in writing. I prefer to write english essay then malay.

Back to topic,I saw my classmate post this on her wechat.It gave me idea to write it in my blog about this.Basically,I am jealous when I saw my friends got the highest mark in the class,I jealous when I saw my friends active in school activities but I made all of this as my motivation to do better in the future.It made me feel motivate to overcome them.Ya!Sometimes,you will feel stress but if you know how to handle your stress,then it won't be problem to you.And 1 mpre thing,you must know how to handle your jealous!Don't tell to others about her 'keburukan or feel dissatisfaction to her'.It will be negative you did like that.

So,Jealous is good if you make it as your motivation,it will be negative if you tell others you're not dissatisfaction with her/his success!

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  1. singgah siNI SEMULAAAAAA..rasanya LAMAA dah tak singgah kan..hehee :D