Why personal blog

8:12 am

Hi..I feel fresh after sleep for 9 hours.Last night I got headache after not not had enough rest and sleep.For the past week,I only got 3 hours sleep because of the exam so today is weekend,I decided to sleep early last night. I might be active back in blogging world but I only blogging about my personal life.

Why personal not beauty or fashion blog??
Before this ,I had said I will be beauty & fashion blogger but when I rethink again,I choose personal blog.If I want to be beauty&fashion blog,I need to spent a lot money on it.As a student,I will not have money to buy it.When I have money,I use the money for books.I bought a lot of exercise book for next year preparation.

Other than that,I want to document my life to archieve my dream so I can read it again in the future!Well,I have a lot of dream in life and I have long journey to walk.Some of my dream I can share here,I want to be doctor(*might be*),I want to have a book shop(*because I love book*),I want to be rich and famous.All of this are only dream but I still hope I can change it to reality soonest!!!! I hope you can forgive me if you feel boring when you reading my blog ヽ(´∀`)ノ

Random picture.My face on 02.00 am.thehehe

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