I'm afraid

11:48 am

My teacher just tell us the new science subjects examination format.I really afraid with the new format.I'm not ready with the format.the new format is really hard because  I need to remember all the experiment+the steps..I prefer based on examination. :( .The new format ask us to do experiment while the old format ask us to write a experiment in national exam.

The new format is start on my batch.This year batch lucky because they do not do all this.They only need to do PEKA and answer the exam paper.From now,I need to remember all the experiment :( .I'm note sure if I can score.Can you imagine how hard is when you need like 20 experiments for ever science subjects(physics,Biology,Chemistry).

The new Science subject format:

Ministries of education will take a date for experiment day.They will give a experiment question and apparatus ,then ask us to do the experiment without teacher help.After that,we need to write a report based on the experiment :(.It hard right????

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