Reading books

7:48 pm!Finally september came..It means I have 1 month to prepare for the upcoming exam where it wil be start on October.I wish can finish alk my revision especially physic,Bio,Chemistry,Add math,Math and some more.

My first topic for september (≧∇≦)..I love reading.I can spent like 4 hours reading a book.Like I always said,reading also my stress therapy.Every time I feel stress,I will read it.I still remember,On my PMR exam,I feel really stres,I arived at home on 7.00pm,I straight to shower.After that,I spent like 1 hour reading a novel.Lolz...Other student busy with revision but me busy with reading novel!!! Ifell really stress at the time,so reading novel was the best thing I can do to realize my tension..

When my friends said "I hate reading book,reading is so boring" I will brash them.I don't know why they hate reading.I think reading give more benefit to us then watching anime.I really hate when they said like that. ヾ(`ε´)ノ .I hope one they,they will realise reading much better than wacthing anime all the time

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