3:56 pm

Exam is coming.I only have 2 weeks to do prepration!The most think I regret is I study lkast minute.Now,I don't have enough time to to revision for 9 subject.I got scholarshipo and one of the rules is credit 7 subject p(´⌒`。q)p(´⌒`。q).Lately,my headache almost everday attacking me so I just sleep.God,I don't know if I can answer the paper.btw,I need accept my fault ゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。━━━ン!!!!

Now,i' sure can't get A even C also I can't get (/´Д`)/(/´Д`)/(/´Д`)/.My advice to my sisters and brothers,do not study last minite like me because you will regret it.You will not have enough time to make revision and the one you will is Super Stress.I already fell it.

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