Learning to cokk

10:13 pm

Today,My best friend and I talking about learn to cook.She told me what happen when she try to cook.Suddenly I remember the 1st tuime I try to cook something.

When I rembered about it,I will laugh.How funny when colour turns to black.I try my best giving her some advice.Cooking is hard if you're first time cooking food.Just like you,I also learn how to cook.I start learned about cooking when I was in Year 4.At that time my age was 10 years old.At first I was failed but I do not give.

So now,I cooked for dinner everday.Form it I can improve my skill.Jusy one way for me learn how to cook some menu,I will search recipe and try cook it.Until now I not really good in cook but at least I try how to cook.Dear friend,Do not give up.Try it again and again.Believe me one day you will master it.Chayo-chayo BF(^~^)(^~^)

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