Become morning person??

10:06 pm

I talk to my self "you should become a morning not a night person" then I set alarm to 2.00 am.At 2.00,I jeard the alarm sound.I open my euyes and touch the stop button with the hope I will get up.

Then I close my eyes again for few minutes.From minutes it turns hour.4.30 am,I was awoken with the regret feeling!The next day i did it again amd happen same again!Always with regretting what I had did.

It look like more thana week i have to become morning person.I want to wake up on 2.00 am not sleep on 2.00 am!Tomorrow is my another rial day to become a morning person.I going to set my alarm 2.00 am.I hope I am do the same thing again!!!O(≧∇≦)O

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