Hi December

11:22 pm

Hi hi...Well,December have come to meet us again.Every year,December is my favourite month because its Christmas time.Here some of things I want to share with my readers but before I forget,it have been raining since 9.00am.The rain just stop but it look like it gonna be raining again.

Christmas is my favourite season.When December come,all the shopping center and shop will decorate with Christmas decoration.They start the decorating since November.They also play Christmas song.Some Radio Station like Hitz.fm also play Christmast song.Thats why I love to shopping in December.hihihi.Like last year,I will be back to my hometown to celebrating Christmas with my families on my dad side.To be Honest,I never celebrate Christmas with my mum side as I prefer to celebrate it in my dad hometown.Last Thursday,I went to bought my Christmas dress.My theme for this year Christmas is Orange so my dress for Christmas Eve and Christmas day also in orange colour,Right now,I still searching the right shoes match with my dress.I hope I can get it before Christmas day come.

I have some important plans on this month.
1st,I must finish my from 5notes before school start.At first,I planned to finish it on November but because of my lazyness,it not finish.So,I try the best to finish it this month.
2nd,I need shopping my school stuff like school uniform,stationery and others.I must settel it before January.I'm not planning to have perfect school stuff next year because next year will be last year I'm in elementary school.After I finish,I pretty sure I not going to use it again as I will enter collage not high school.
3rd,if the my planning goes well,I will regester at IEC for English class before this January.I need to improve my english,thats why I take english class at IEC.I really hope this plann goes well!

Just now,my family discus about my school transport for next year.They said they will rent a school bus which I really hate it.The last time I ride a school bus was I in primary 3.After that I only took bus or my brother sent me.For next year,my brother force me to take it just because he is lazy to wake up early *sigh*.(><。).Like or not I must say yes.

Till this,we meet again mext time,bye.

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