Hello 2015

10:49 pm

" From good things, I learn to be a thankful person. From bad things, I learn to be a strong person."

Well,2014 is going to leave us 1h 30m from now. On 2014,I didn't do much. A few bad thingss happened to my family,country and my self. On 2014,I also saw how I struggling with school,study,my procrastination and exam.All my result on this year really bad.On February, my brother left my family.It really give big change.On May,I got my first samsung.I really want this tab and finally I got it on May.This year also saw I shopping a lot,wasting money which is pretty bad. I wonder what goes through your mind when someone mentions my name to you.

On 2015,I have set a few target.I really hope I can achieve all my target before 2015 end.Here some of my resolution of 2015
1: don't spent so much time playing my tab
2: stop procrastination
3:Be n.1 in class
4.Study hard for spm
5: save money
6.Blogging more
7.Buy a laptop
*for now,Only this 2015 resolution I have set.I will update if I have add if find a new target.hihihi

Till we meet again in new post on next year.Happy new year.I hope 2015 give joy and happiness to us.

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