2:06 am

Hi..Sorry,I not really write lately!To gey idea for my blog is pretty hard,aty the end of the day I not posted anything.Yeah!!!!School holiday had started.My holiday had started on 2nd of November.Well,it's school holiday,it doesn't meant I don't need to study.Next year will we the tough year for me so I need to get ready from now on

Eventhough its school holiday,but I still need to go to school because we had extra class for chemistry and I need to settle some works for our school's magazine!This year,I joined the school's magazine team and became one of the editor member.I can say,became one of the member is pretty had and busy.I need to make sure I finish my work in the same time I can catch up what my teacher had taught.

Yesterday was the last day we stayed at school with some teachers and friends.Finnaly our works were done and ready to be publised.We just hoping they will like it.We also took a lot of picture.Here some of the picture we took.

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