OOTD : Yellow Dress

8:51 pm


Like I said before,I will do OOTD a.k.a Outfit Of The Day.And here my first OOTD.My first OOTD is yellow dress but sorry when you see the picture because the picture are not really have good quality.

Bought this dress near the town.I saw this dress when i do random shop with my sis.When i saw dress,I fell in love with it.The price is RM $2.Super chipper right?The dress is really nice to me as it has simple style.So I can use it anywhere.The colour also look harmony.

P/S: Sorry for lake of photo.Its all because of the Internet connection but I promise i will edit and add more photo in this first OOTD.

So,how my first review.Sorry if you feel boring with my first OOTD.I still learning how to make a good writing.I wish i can make improvement in my next post..I hope you can teach me..

Lot love from me.bye..................

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  1. blogwalking with love :) have a nice day!! :D :D :D

  2. hello...Thank for visited! ^___^