New Nephew

1:39 pm

Last Monday,I not go to school because I feel so tired after back from my hometown.In afternoon,I went to Hospital to visited my sis in-law.She just born my new nephew aka my brother 2nd child.I'm happy for him.Anddd i became aunt again!

I wore this unbranded dress with my favourite sling bag from YSL.I had been wore this for twice actually and I really love this dress.It have nice colour in the same time it have simple style so your can wear it every way.

                                          My new nephew.He is cute right?

OOOO...I love baby very much especially the new born.I will kisses him until my mum mad to me..hahahaha.But I can't control my self from kissing him because he is cute..Well.I still don't know what his name but I when know what his name,I will make sure I update it..

 I will have mid-year exam 2 weeks from now.I will not posting or blogging all the the week until I finish my exam.It's because I want to do revision and focus with my exam.I hope i can get TOP 20  for this exam.Last test where it was on march,I got 34 from 35!It make me too sad with this result so I promise to myself to improve it on this upcoming exam!Wish me luck.After I finish my exam,I promise I will do new entry!

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