God have plan

5:23 am

After 3 months of waitng,yesterday all the question that playing in my mind was answered.Finally i know what my result was.

Sad?yes I feel a bit only.From early I already told my self not to put high expectation.I don't want to feel down when the result not achieve what I want.

I believe god have some planning for me.Even though i have to forget my ambition but that's ok.I didn't feel sad.Maybe i can continue my dream in fashion.

Dear unknown reader who ever you are,please believe god have something for your self.Maybe you feel sad,feel down because you have to forget your dream but that is ok.Maybe the one you want is not the good for you.

this is not end of the world.we have many college to continue our study.you still can improve your self at college.Make sure you choice the right course.
Good luck to all 98's batch.

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  1. Good words! Just trust God's plan for you! ��