Make it fun?

10:40 pm

Hello dears.....
So as you all know,I'm in college taking diploma instead of taking STPM.Since I'm at college,I'm planning to make my college life more fun than my secondary school life.I want to make it more memorable than before so I can remember it as a sweet moment forever.

What make it more fun is I'm planning to do vlog.I still don't  know either i want to make weekly vlog or daily vlog on my channel at youtube.But most probably I'll do weekly vlog so won't have to edit the video every day.

Other than that,i want  to inspire people at outside so they can at least get a little motivation in school.Another reason I want to make video is I want to record my life as diploma in accounting student and  I can watch the video again in future.

Actually I've so many planning for next year but I will write it in another entry because it might be a long entry.I just can't wait 2017 to come.Hopefully I won't procrastinate like this year :p

So I will end this entry here.Stay tune for more enry about my college life.I love you all

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