Driving Lesson

1:03 pm


 I have started my driving lesson early August.I am happy i can drive the car when i get license soon.

why so early?
at first my mum not letting me to take license this year.Then I ask my dad if can go.My dad said OK so the first week of august i when to register at the nearest driving center.my brother when to Johor for police training.If I dont learn to drive a car,on SPM no one is sent to school so if dont know how to drive the car how I going to school?

How my feeling?
I had finished the KPP 1 and KPP 2.Now i am in KPP 3.I will finish my driving lesson maybe early October or end of this month.Almost 2 months at the driving center,I feel enjoy.I meet a lot of new people and friend.I also had started driving the car at the circuit.Maybe this week or next week I will driving at road.
I am luck because I get a good instructor.he teach me patiently.
I cannot wait to get license so I can shopping without need to take bus because I can drive the car!

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