Keeping myself happy

1:40 pm

I will have exam start this Wednesday till 19 of may.Its going to be full of stress.Every time I have exam,it always happen like that.To release the stress is very important.All of us have own way to release our stress.Some people will sing,take vacation and some more

As for me,this is how I will release my stress.When i really stress,I will read a book.I read any type of book but not the reference book or anything related to study because it make me feel more stress.Most of the time I will read a novel.

If I have extra money,shopping is the best way.(>y<).I will walking around the shopping mall alone.Everytime I went shopping,I will go alone.I not really like bring someone to follow me.I feel like alone is much heaven then someone with you...

The same way when I have problem.I make reading as my therapy from thinking about about the problems. I took reading as therapy because I love reading.Reading book can keep my self happy when I feel really stress..(⌒▽⌒)

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