Why silent thinking

12:07 am

Tehehe,I change my blog tittle again.But I promise,Silent thinking will be the last!After this,I'm not going to my blog tittle anymore.

Maybe some of you might think I copy my blog tittle from someone else blog.hey,,,I'm not that type of person who like to copy from other blog.I got the idea about 'Silent Thinking' from this article.I saw this article in Daily Express.Daily express is a local newspaper or more specific its a Sabah's newspaper.When i saw this,I told my self "why not I named my blog silent thinking"

Why Silent Thinking?
I decided to use this name because for many reason.
I like to think.Everyday i will think  and think new idea,about some issue and many more.I have many thought in my mind.I think a lot but i don't like to share with my friends.I prefer to just keep it in my mind.i always feel like they did not interested to hear my thought.this is why always think in silent.

I will write random things in this blog.I took this as my personal diary where I share about my thought,my daily activity and some more.I am sorry if you feel boring when you read my blog.I also want to say sorry it you many spelling and grammar mistakes.
Happy reading everyone.

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