How to be mature

12:05 pm

hi...I being MIA for the whole week.This week was the horrible week for me.,I hope I can post more often then before!

My best friend always saying this word to me "I jealous with you.At this age, the way you think and settled your problem look mature."So,I decided to share my tips how I became mature.Friend,I hope you read this article so can learn and practice it.

This is how I became mature

Understand why you want to become more mature
 first step to changing any aspect of your lifestyle is understanding why you want to. Do you really want to, or do you think you just have to? If you don't really want to (if you're being forced to by someone), or if you just think you need to but don't really want to do it, you'll never accomplish anything. Trying to impress your peers, parents, or teachers with your maturity is the very essence of immaturity without throwing temper tantrums at all. You need to want to become mature. Think of what will happen if you aren't mature. Will you get a bad grade in science class? Will you be grounded? Will you lose a babysitting job? Think of the consequences of not being mature, and how unhappy you'll be if faced with those consequences. If you cannot think of a reason why you want yourself to be mature, or think of something unpleasant that will happen if you don't, it's extremely hard to stay motivated.

Pick a good role model to follow
You can pick anyone but make sure your role model have good profile.Like me,my role model is Nick Vujic.

Read up on current issues and events in the newspaper and other legitimate sources.
From reading,you can know what's happening in the world.

Pay attention to your surrounding
Please!Always pay attention to your surrounding.Some people I had meet,they never take know they surrounding.This is bad!If your want to be mature,you need  to pay attention with the surrounding

Think twice before doing anything
Whenever you are about to do or say something, take a couple of seconds to think about whether your opinion or what you do will actually contribute to the situation. Don't react immediately and emotionally when you're confronted by a problem, step aside and try to look at the situation from 'above'. Your mind is an amazing tool, however, it needs time to work out solutions.

Read books
A book is my best friend.I spent most of my time with reading a book.Books also working as my therapy when I stress,bored and angry. Reading a book not only makes you wiser, but also adds new words to your vocabulary.

Finally, stop being so concerned about being mature.
Yes, this is important enough to be said twice. Mature adult people don't become mature to show off to their friends. They do it because if they don't, they become hungry, lose their house, their car, and their income. Trying to impress your peers with your maturity is the very essence of immaturity.


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