Bioglo Skin prefecting Moisturiser Pure Alo vera

3:35 pm

Hello sweety........

This is my first review about beauty stuff.I hope you enjoy my review.(Forgive me the broken English or the grammar problem.I will try to improve it one day)

 Brand : Bioglo
Name : Skin Perfecting moisturiser with Protective Biocola
Price : Around 25$ 
Amount : 50g 

Actually it's my first time bought this product and it works well with my skin.You can this from Cosway.

Smell & Texture
The scent is a bit like alo vera smell.It not really like Cream.A bit like a has green colour and like gel if you will feel cool after put it on skin(Love the cool feeling very much)

The texture when I put it on my hand.The best thing I like  on this moisturiser is the cooling feeling.It not make my skin too oily.

So,let me know if anyone use this moisturiser?

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